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Two Farewells and Two Welcomes

Farewell to Gayle It was only a short time with Gayle. Although I've met her a few times while villager hunting for my starters. Now I find myself with two normal villagers and without a cranky villager. It's a common route when shaping up my new island roster. Unfortunately, Gayle is the only viable option this time. She is still a nice villager to have. Her cherry blossom coat is a nice shade for pink themed islands, or a nice contrast to darker toned themes. She is also currently the only normal alligator in New Horizons. Perhaps we'll see each other in the near future, Gayle. Welcome Del! Now this is a unique looking alligator! Del is currently the only cranky alligator in Animal Crossing. He's sporting that battleship / submarine look. I haven't met him before in ACPG. I can't really think of anyone else since Gayle the alligator left. So a cranky alligator is a good swap. Looking forward to living with you, Del! Farewell to Tiffany I'm stuck with three