Ankha gifts an Espresso Maker

The first two weeks before university opens and the two weeks after classes start is the most exhausting period at work. Things have to be set up for students. I have to start hiring someone. New employees have to be trained. I have to troubleshoot the system. Ensure all technology is working. This four week period involve a lot of work and patience. Fortunately, we're on the third week of classes now.

Then I receive a fitting gift from Ankha! An Espresso Maker. I'm still hung over the Monday break and I'm glad I had a day-off, but I need to get away from work. I need an extended self-care day with my Espresso Maker. Alas, I need to interview someone today and provide a lecture in e-format to a student.

This game gets how I feel. The new letters in my mailbox are a hit and miss, but when it's a hit the game connects with me in a profound way. I don't open my letters immediately too. And there's at least 150 now.


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