Anabelle says goodbye

One of my starters in ACNH said her goodbye today. I've had Anabelle, the peppy anteater, for at least two years and I've always been shutting down her ideas of leaving the island. However, I've decided to let her go tonight. Anabelle was my first anteater on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Letting her go had to be done as I need a cranky villager. But deciding to let her go was kind of a big deal, because she reminds me of my sister. Yet the town won't be complete without a cranky villager. Anabelle is the only viable option to go. 

There are many memories made with Anabelle. She was a natural starter. I would see her walking on the paths I've made while the island was getting set up for two years. She would photobomb while eating ice cream on the beach, she often sent me gifted letters, and I like her vivid coat pattern. She's also wearing the Raglan shirt I gave! 

Farewell, Anabelle! I'm sure we'll meet again someday.


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