COVID round 2

A cough developed after running through a summer downpour without an umbrella, without a coat, but with just my work attire. I thought I caught the summer cold. Then I tested positive for COVID on July 3. It wasn't the rain, but it seems that I caught it from someone else.

The symptoms from the second round were different. I've had a dry cough, fever, headache, and sore throat. When I caught it the first time, I only had body ache, general weakness, and a loss of taste. This second COVID was difficult during my first three days. It felt like a bad case of the flu. I somehow knew I had to soldier through at least 48 hours. I couldn't sit up and rest. 

I would occasionally pick up my Switch to play Animal Crossing as it's the only relaxing game that I could play (and perhaps make a progress). Each playthrough was soothing regardless of how long I was awake. It always made me fall asleep, but in a good way. I'm convinced that this latest iteration of Animal Crossing would be hard to top. New Horizons works for me (unlike Sims 4) as the inspiration for long-term development seeps in on my off days.

Two weeks after the negative results, the sore throat persisted and I developed a skin rash as well. I think that my overall immune system took a toll. It took me about four more weeks to be able to function without any dry cough. Fortunately remote work was still an option. It's odd how my I felt sicker on round 2.


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